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Do you understand how health insurance reform can impact your family's need for medical services?

Probably not. Most of us recognize the importance of affordable health insurance but few of us have the time to decipher all of the political rhetoric. The good news is legislators, health agencies, state governments, insurance carriers, medical providers and representatives for the consumer are all proposing proactive strategies to make healthcare more accessible. If you are faced with steep monthly premiums or do not currently have healthcare coverage, now is a good time to contact Shapiro Insurance Group. Our friendly staff will take the time to review your needs and explain your options for purchasing group health insurance or individual health insurance coverage.

Group Health Insurance vs. Individual Health Insurance

If you have healthcare coverage through your employer, your plan's administrator can explain how legal reforms impact your group coverage and may offer alternatives for you to consider that can help you control the cost of health insurance. If you own a small business, regardless of the number of employees, our agents will review all of your opportunities. In fact, by offering group health insurance, your business may be eligible for substantial tax credits. If you've lost your job and are presently uninsured, or insured through COBRA, we can explain your options for individual health insurance coverage. Although individual coverage requires you to pay the entire premium on your own, there are alternatives, such as raising deductibles or reducing secondary coverage, that can help you manage out-of-pocket expenses.

Purchasing health insurance may not be atop your list of things to do but finding the right group health insurance or individual health insurance policy to protect your financial future can easily be the most important thing you need to do. For professional answers to your questions, call us today or use this website's convenient features for a prompt email response.

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