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If you've been looking online for the best buys on life insurance, then you're likely someone who understands the importance of assembling a side-by-side comparison of features and benefits. Unfortunately, searching for insurance can be time consuming and most shoppers lose patience with filling out forms to obtain quotes. That's where Shapiro Insurance Group can help. Once you let us know the type of insurance you're looking for, our friendly staff will do all of the work and send a you detailed analysis of features, benefits and prices from dozens of popular life insurance companies.

Basic buyer steps in purchasing life insurance should include choosing the most appropriate type of coverage and determining a dollar amount that will be sufficient for your dependents or beneficiaries to maintain a reasonable standard of living if you die. Generally speaking, there are three sources of life insurance to consider:

  • Group Life Insurance Program
    If you are an employee, you can ask your plan's administrator at work about your eligibility for coverage. Most group life insurance plans allow you to apply for coverage at specific dates during a business year. In some cases, companies will either pay "in part" or "in full" for a basic term life insurance policy as an added benefit of your employment.
  • Term Life Insurance Policy
    This is the least expensive form of life assurance and was so named for how the insurance product works. Term insurance is purchased on an established cash amount for the death benefit but only for a limited period of time or term. After a term life insurance policy expires, the rate of the premiums and terms & conditions of coverage are no longer guaranteed.
  • Whole Life Insurance Policy
    Most permanent life insurance products are considered to be financial instruments used for estate building or accumulating wealth. Whole life insurance provides face value coverage for the policy's beneficiaries with tax-deferred growth for the person being covered. In addition, whole life can guarantee on-going insurance coverage regardless of the policy holder's age or changes in health conditions.

Buying a life insurance policy is an important financial decision and one where you will likely benefit from talking to a professional. In addition to simplifying your online shopping experience for insurance products, Shapiro Insurance Group is dedicated to providing you with smart, timely advise as your needs for financial protection evolve. Which is why, we offer a wide array of online life insurance products and require our agents to stay up-to-date on the latest regulatory changes as well as the unique policy requirements of our clients. For prompt service, call our office today or use this website's convenient contact form to receive a detailed comparison of rates for life insurance in Jacksonville or Orlando.

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For most folks, dealing with Insurance is confusing and difficult but Shapiro Insurance of Lakeland, especially Sheila, make the process easy. Did I say especially SHEILA? She welcomed me and made me feel comfortable and spent as much time as needed with me going over my policy and explaining and sometimes explaining several ways until I understood things. She went point by point working with numbers until we had an acceptable policy. She has always made herself available when I phone and answers all my questions; if she can’t answer the question she finds the answer immediately. I’ve been with Nationwide over 25 years and believe Sheila and Shapiro Insurance of Lakeland are the best.

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