Umbrella Insurance in Jacksonville

Do you have enough liability insurance to cover the costs of a settlement?

Over the past couple of decades, lawyers have become very proactive in pursuing legal settlements and courts seem to be awarding larger amounts for the settlement of personal injury lawsuits than ever before. Umbrella Insurance coverage is often used to provide added liability protection for property owners, small businesses, renters, vehicle owners, etc. The fact is, no one can predict how much an unexpected accident may cost. But, there is good news. Most insurance carriers allow policy holders to purchase additional coverage to create a protective umbrella in case disaster strikes.

How Umbrella Insurance Protection Works in Florida

Personal umbrella insurance allows an individual to increase his or her liability insurance coverage beyond the limits stated in a homeowners insurance policy, auto insurance policy, general liability policy, boat insurance policy or business liability policy to protect one's investments and future earnings. Umbrella policies can even cover claims excluded by a primary policy such as:

  • Slander or Libel
  • False Arrest
  • Invasion of Privacy

Whether your dog bites the yard man or the neighbor's kid is injured in your swimming pool, umbrella coverage can help you cover extraordinary expenses, legal fees, court costs, payments for property damage and just about anything else that may threaten your financial well-being.

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