Dwelling Fire Insurance for Jacksonville

If you are looking for multiple quotes, Shapiro Insurance Group can help insure your home.

Florida is a fantastic place to live but you need to make certain you have the right homeowners coverage to repair, rebuild or replace your structure in case a disaster strikes. Since your home represents one of the largest investment you'll make during your lifetime, you should carefully evaluate your family's total need for fire insurance coverage to include:

  • Primary Dwelling
  • Detached Structures
  • Personal Property in Home
  • Additional Living Expense

Don't take unnecessary risk with your investments. Let our friendly staff help you determine the most affordable plan for home fire insurance. Jacksonville residents have grown to depend upon Shapiro Insurance Group for all of their comparative rates for liability, flood, wind, fire and hurricane insurance coverage. Call today and make us your one-stop-shop for homeowners insurance.

How to Save Money on Fire Insurance

It doesn't matter if your Florida home owners policy is all inclusive or requires a rider for specific perils, there are ways to reduce your cost of fire insurance. Preventing a fire from happening, having an early warning system to reduce the risk of personal injury and being able to extinguish a fire before it can spread, are all important steps that can save money on fire insurance. So, install smoke detectors, fire alarms and make sure you have a fire extinguisher near the kitchen and garage. It is not uncommon for a home owner to have an error on one of their credit reports and not even know of the discrepancy. Checking for credit errors ahead of time and repairing your report can help you avoid special high-risk insurance rates or denial of coverage for homeowners fire insurance in Jacksonville.

If you're tired of filling out online forms to receive fire insurance quotes for multiple carriers, simply call today and let our agents do the all of the foot work for you.

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For the past eleven years, I have been with Shapiro insurance. When it comes to renewing policies, transferring insurance to new cars, or when we added my husband to the policy, Shapiro has always helped us and kept our best interests in mind. There is no other agency I would recommend in the Jacksonville area...and now that they have offices all throughout Florida, I can recommend them to friends and family across the state!

— Danielle S.

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