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Shapiro Insurance Group offers a broad range of multiple-line homeowners insurance to protect your property, personal belongings, and family's financial future. When you borrowed the money to purchase your home, the mortgage lender had loan conditions that established minimum insurance requirements designed to protect the lien holder's interest. In case the home was damaged or destroyed, this insurance coverage would provide the revenue to restore or rebuild a comparable structure. Since the costs of construction can change over time, it is very important to have timely reviews of your homeowners insurance. Jacksonville, FL residents may also need special insurance coverage for wind, fire and flood.

Naturally, your home is one of your most valuable assets but replacing or repairing your property is only part of your need for protection as a home owner. It is equally important to carry the right amount of liability coverage to keep you and your family well protected in case someone is injured and seeks compensation for medical bills or other damages. Expensive home amenities and high-valued personal belongings contained in your home should also be considered for additional coverage. So, take time today to ensure your policy affords the protection you need should the unexpected happen. Call our office to speak directly with an agent or use our website's convenient contact form to have a representative explain your options for homeowner's insurance.

Home Owner Savings and Discount Options

Our goal is to ensure you have all the information available to keep you and your family adequately protected from human and natural disasters. In addition, our agents want you to be aware of ways you can save money, on home owners insurance options as well as the things you can do to protect your home and family such as:

  • Managing Coverage Limits and Policy Deductibles
  • Accurately Recording & Documenting Personal Belongings
  • Installing Alarms & Fire Systems for Discount Options
  • Taking Proactive Steps Everyday to Help Prevent Losses

It is always important to remember that when you pay less in premiums you will likely incur more out pocket costs when a property casualty claim is processed. This would include higher deductibles or limited coverage but would not apply to situations where you earned discounts on your homeowners insurance.

Comparison Shopping for Homeowners Insurance

Comparison shopping is the best way for any consumer to save money on any purchase. However, making side-by-side comparisons with homeowners insurance coverage can be a bit tricky. It is always important to make certain that you do not overbuy. If a claim does occur, the settlement is based on repair or replacement costs and not for the face amount of the insurance policy. At Shapiro Insurance Group, we provide a No Cost - No Obligations homeowners insurance review. Our friendly staff is happy to assist you in obtaining affordable coverage and can provide helpful hints to assure the best protection for you and your family. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


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I had the pleasure of working with Elizabeth Brown to obtain homeowners insurance. She was very professional and responsive. She really knows how to go above and beyond for the client. She promptly responded to all of my questions and made sure I had everything I needed to close on schedule. Elizabeth has great customer service skills, she not only does her job but she follows through and ensures the client has the best possible policy. Thank you!

— Aida Olivares

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