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At Shapiro Insurance Group, our experienced agents can help you find affordable insurance coverage with multiple options for protecting the wellbeing of your workers during all phases of job performance. Workers compensation insurance eliminates the need for employees to pursue litigation for compensation of medical costs and recovery from work-related accidents. Instead, workers who are unable to produce due to conditions related to a workplace accident or occupational illness may qualify for payments of medical expenses, partial wage replacement, job training and other reimbursements. Business owners of a sole proprietorship without workers are not required to purchase workers comp but may choose to do so for their own expenditures if injured on the job.

Understanding the Workers Compensation Process

If your employee is injured at work or while performing his or her job duties, it is important that all parties follow the step-by-step procedures outlined for reporting a work-associated incident. Most state's statutes have differing regulations as to how to manage a work comp claim at all phases of occurrence. Workers compensation benefits can also apply to settlements involving permanent illness or disability caused by a work accident, such as accidental exposure to asbestos or carpal tunnel syndrome. In situations where a worker may not be able to perform their duties following an accident, work comp may provide for partial wage replacement or provide for the cost of retraining for another job position. But, both the employer and employee must abide by the strict requirements as outlined in their company's workers compensation insurance policy.

Whether you are just starting a business or need a thorough review of your existing work comp insurance plan, professional assistance is just a phone call away. Don't take unnecessary chances or pay more out-of-pocket for work-related accident claims, call Shapiro Insurance Group today or use this website's contact forms for a prompt response to your questions and/or request for workers compensation insurance quotes.

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