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When you or an employee operates a company van, truck or car, your business assets are always at risk. Some owners simply fail to recognize the importance of commercial auto insurance coverage especially when they are driving a vehicle that belongs to his or her company. Truth be known, all commercial vehicle should be better insured than the family car. In accidents where the driver of a commercial vehicle is deemed to be at-fault, legal settlements can result in a much higher cost of reparation for personal injuries and other damages. Whether you lease your company vehicles or own them outright, the cost of comprehensive and collision auto insurance coverage is well worth the monthly premium.

Tips for Buying Car & Commercial Truck Insurance

You may have heard horror stories about business owners who lost everything in the aftermath of a tragic accident due to lack of proper insurance coverage. Whether your business operates a fleet of vehicles or you are just a one-man show, protecting yourself from mayhem is crucial. Listed are a few tips to consider before selecting your commercial coverage:

  • Protect Your Business & Personal Assets
    Umbrella liability coverage can be useful for increasing the limits of your company's auto and commercial truck insurance coverage. This can be crucial to protecting the business's financial future in case a driver is determined to be at-fault.
  • Limit the Number of Drivers & Passengers
    Designating a driver for a particular vehicle can help you manage your company's exposure. In addition, most business car insurance strictly prohibit riders, so be certain any passenger is covered by your business insurance.
  • Be Prepared for the Worst Case Scenario
    No one expects to be in an accident but commercial trucks and cars are involved in collisions every day. If you plan for the worst case scenario, you'll have the peace of mind of knowing you've done your part.
  • Insure Your Equipment for Replacement Cost
    Before you purchase commercial auto insurance, determine what equipment or portable electronics may be stolen or damaged if an incidence does occur. That way your business will have the money when it is needed to replace any important tools of the trade.
  • Consider Your Needs for Towing & Repair
    You can often save money in the long run if you add insurance coverage for towing and repair services. This can be especially useful for service and delivery vehicles.

Business Car Insurance for Jacksonville

If you own a vehicle that is used for commercial purposes, then it is important to purchase the car and truck insurance that best fits your business needs. Personal insurance protection is simply not designed to provide the protection for day-to-day business use. To speak directly with a commercial auto insurance agent, call us direct; or use our website's convenient contact form to receive your FREE quotes today.

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