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Since motor homes contain items that cars don't, RV insurance policies are often more complicated. A recreational vehicle functions as both your dwelling as well as your vehicle. That means the property inside the RV should also be covered. In fact, purchasing motorhome insurance with broader coverage is always a good idea for owners who travel and live in their vehicle for extended periods. Unlike other motor vehicles, your RV may contain flat-screen TVs, clothing, computers, plumbing, electrical components, camping gear, bicycles, appliances and personal belongings. These items are not only subject to theft but can be damaged during an accident, fire or other disaster.

Whether you use a small Class-C motorhome to pull your bass boat or have plans to tour the country in a Class-A motor coach, Shapiro Insurance Group can help you develop an affordable RV insurance plan for year-round peace of mind. Simply use our website's convenient contact form for a quick quote, or call our Jacksonville office today to speak directly with an agent about your specific needs for insurance coverage.

New and Used Motorhome Insurance in Florida

Like operators of more conventional motor vehicles, RV drivers are required by law to have a minimum amount of liability protection. RV liability insurance provides important coverage for you, your family and others when an accident is deemed your fault and damages and/or injuries must be paid. For frequent travelers, a liability policy should also include protection for incidences that occur in the vicinity of their RV, such as while the vehicle is parked at a campsite. In addition, collision insurance can be a lifesaver when your new or used motor home is involved in a crash with an uninsured or underinsured driver. Some owners opt for total loss coverage just in case their RV is damaged beyond repair.

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