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Having trouble finding the right boat or watercraft insurance coverage?

Since watercraft have many different uses and come in all shapes and sizes, there's not just one type of boat insurance policy that will protect all of your potential boating needs. In Florida, the value of your boat, the age, where it is being operated and what it is being used for, can impact your needs for specific marine coverage. After all, a yacht and a Jet Ski each have unique insurance needs for protecting you and your assets. Whether you're gliding along the Intracoastal Waterway or hauling your boat to a favorite fishing hole, we can help you find affordable boat insurance with coverage to include:

  • Physical Damage
    Based on your needs, the protection can range from "incidental damage" while towing your personal watercraft to the lake up to "consequential damages" to your yacht on the high seas.
  • Personal Liability
    Boat, yacht or watercraft insurance for coverage of liability risks is often based on driving records, previous accidents or tickets, and safety features you've installed on your vessel. In most cases, completing certified boater's training can reduce your rates.
  • Towing & Salvage Expenses
    Naturally, if your boat sinks, there is going to be significant costs associated with retrieval. You may also consider towing coverage for more simple breakdowns while on the water.
  • Pollution Liability
    Depending upon your marine travel plans, you may need marine boat insurance coverage to protect against unexpected disasters where fuel or other hazardous materials are spilled.
  • Medical Expenses
    Whether on land or at sea, it is important to have provisions for paying for the medical charges for you, your passengers and others injured due to your fault.
  • Personal Watercraft Liability
    Jet Skis and other nimble watercraft can provide hours of recreational fun. Unfortunately, accidental injuries are more common and liability protection against lawsuits is a necessity in today's environment.

Good boat and watercraft insurance can appear to be a bit expensive, but if anything happens to spoil your fun, you don't want to get caught in a bad situation with no boat insurance or cheap coverage that doesn't provide the protections you need. At Shapiro Insurance Group, our agents understand all of the risk exposures associated with owning a boat or personal watercraft as well as the unique needs for protection when operating your vessel on different waters. Call today and let our friendly staff provide an affordable boat insurance quote that meets your needs for coverage on the water, in tow and while your vessel is being stored.

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