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July 5, 2011


They're popping up all over the place, but what exactly is it?

A QR (quick response) Code is a two-dimensional bar code that contains information, typically a link or web URL to the Internet.
You scan a QR code with your mobile device so you can take the information with you.

No more looking for a pen and paper to quickly write down the info. If you see something you're interested in and it has a QR Code attached to it, you can scan the code and it will reveal the link or text that houses more information about the product.

The linked information can be anything such as; coupons, reviews, blogs, tickets, media files, etc. And, you can email the link to your inbox

You have to download a QR reader to your mobile device. Once you've done that, open the reader, point the camera at the code, keep the code within the box on the screen, keep a steady hand, and the reader will snap the picture for you. Allow it a few seconds to direct you to the link.

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