HURRICANE IRMA – Claims Information Important Update

We hope everyone is safe from the storm! Our offices remain closed due to the power outages throughout the state of FL. If you have sustained damage, and it is safe to do so, take pictures and make temporary repairs to protect your property from further damage. Call your insurance company directly to report the [...]

Umbrella Insurance, Is it Nessecary?

You may have heard people talking about Umbrella Coverage and wonder, why do they have that? Do I really need to pay for another Insurance Policy? I am already paying for Homeowners and Auto Coverage. Isnt that enough? Surprisingly, the answer is no! That is not enough. In this day and age, the amount of [...]

Assignment of Benefits – AOB CLAUSE BEWARE!!!

Beware the Home Repair Contract Clause that Takes Away a Homeowner’s Rights You come in the front door after a long day at work, slip off your shoes, and make your way to the kitchen to start dinner when you step into a puddle of water. In fact, you discover a small lake has formed. Water [...]

Is there a guideline that new home buyers should be following during hurricane season?

    Watch the weather! Hurricane season in the Atlantic begins June 1st and ends November 30th every year. Binding restrictions go in force shortly after a Tropical Storm forms, anytime a state of emergency is declared by the governor or at the company’s discretion once there is a projected path to Florida’s coastline. Once [...]

How do you deal with potholes?

The obvious answer to this question would be to avoid them, but for the sake of this blog, lets just say that you cant. The dreaded pothole is something everyone tries to avoid while driving but unfortunately this is not always possible. Here are some tips you might find helpful when its clear that the [...]

Winterizing your home.

It’s that time of year again, where the days are cold and the nights are even colder. As homeowners, there are certain things we should be doing to help winterize ours homes. Whether you are in the home or the home is vacant, here are some tips to help keep those homes in tip top [...]

Texting and Driving: Is it worth it?

This week is National Teens don’t Text and Drive Week. Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death for teens in the United States, with the risk increasing by twenty three times when texting while driving. On October 1, 2013, Florida banned texting and driving joining a majority of the other states, however there [...]

How important is teen driver safety?

How important is Teen Driver Safety? October 22-October 25 is National Teen Driver Safety week. Many parents dread the day their teen turns sixteen and asks the question, when can I get my license? Here are some important tips to go over with your teen before putting them in the driver’s seat alone for the [...]

How important is it to ensure your vacant home?

With the number of vacant homes increasing, it is important to ensure your home is still covered. Break-ins are occurring more often in vacant homes due to easy accessibility. If the home is in a neighborhood with lots of kids, you run the risk of them playing on the property and possibly getting hurt. That [...]

How does Social Media affect everyday life?

58% of Americans are part of a social network, with Facebook taking 1.2 billion of those. A whopping 98% of people between the ages of 18-24 are social media users. In looking at those statistics, I ask myself, how does Social Media affect everyday life? The average Facebook user spends around fifteen hours per month [...]

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